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As we continue to develop our Patreon, we want to hear from you! What are some of the things you’d like us to develop for Patreons? This is built for you so we want your input! Shoot us a message with any recommendations!


Hey everyone! Our stickers will be here soon! If you are a $5 or $15 patron, we’ll be reaching out for an address! We think these are pretty cool! Hope you do too!

Rolling Pepperoni

To our beloved Patreon patrons:Please enjoy this early release of our full interview with Katt Schuler, Owner of Rolling Pepperoni.  In this full (mostly unedited) interview, Katt talks to us about her West Virginia roots, the history of the pepperoni roll, and how...

Keep an eye out!

All shirts have shipped! Make sure to be on the lookout! Soon we’ll be releasing more content on our Patreon! Look for it soon!

Shirts are ready!

If you are expecting a shirt, they’ll be sent out on Monday! We’ll send you a tracking number as soon as it’s available! Thank you all for the continued support!

Shirts for $15 tier

Shirts will begin shipping soon! As with everything, COVID has slowed down the production of these but they will ship soon to you! As they ship, we will personally message you a tracking number! We’re so glad you’re here! Soon we’ll be ramping up the Patreon with...

We’re donating 100% of funds for the next month.

Recently  we launched our Patreon but honestly didn’t feel right promoting  because of everything going on. But, we want to use our platform to  help. For the next month, we are going to donate ALL Patreon funds to  Second Harvest Food Bank. Every dollar given to...