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Callie and Chuck talk with the former U.S. Senator for Alabama, Doug Jones, on Alabama politics, and what Democrats need to do to win back forgotten parts of the country.

ALSO, Callie and Chuck discuss confessions of a criminal crimson tide-er, the madness happening at the West Virginia legislature, and how you can help Kentuckians who have suffered from catastrophic flooding


Full transcript available later this week.

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Intro: Fruit of the Poisonous Bama Tree

Chuck Corra: I wanted to talk about a story that I think you will really appreciate on the subject of Alabama. We had Doug Jones on, he referenced the Alabama Crimson Tide football team, and it reminded me of a great, hilarious story that was brought up to me a few years back.

You’re familiar with Auburn university. 

Callie Pruett: Yes, absolutely. 

Chuck Corra: All right. Great. As we talked about many times on this show, I know nothing about sports, really, but I do know about this. And this story is actually brought to me by a former colleague of mine, Martin Penny from Tennessee.

This rivalry between Alabama and Auburn is vicious. They play something called the Iron bowl every year. And this story is about 10 years ago, but it’s great. So there’s this guy, his name is Harvey Updyke.

Callie Pruett: Which is a great name!

Chuck Corra: Absolutely a fantastic name for a good old boy, former Texas state trooper.

He did something that arguably was one of the dumbest crimes ever committed and you’ll find out why. So I’ve never been to Auburn university, but they’ve got these big Oak trees and there’s a tradition that after a big win, they, the student’s toilet paper, the trees after like a major victory. 

So in 2010, this guy named Harvey Updyke – I mentioned that he’s a big Crimson Tide fan. This guy hates Auburn and got really upset about something that happened.

He poisoned those trees using a herbicide and we learn about all of this because two months after this happened, he calls into the Paul Finebaum sports talk radio show under a fake name and took credit for poisoning the trees and he claims he did this.

He claimed that Auburn students celebrated the death of bear Bryant, who was this beloved Alabama football coach, the death of Bear Bryant by toilet papering the Oak trees and he said he poisoned the trees out of retaliation.

Callie Pruett: A natural chain of events.

Chuck Corra: Absolutely. A very normal, rational reaction. All right, so I’m gonna play a part of the clip here. And this part of the clip is Harvey Updyke explaining to Paul Finebaum the background for doing this.

Chuck Corra: Roll damn tide!

Callie Pruett: This is the most Alabama comment ever made. 

Chuck Corra: That is the mark of a true Alabama fan. I would expect nothing from a Crimson Tide fan

Callie Pruett: It’s funny to me also that this guy is a law enforcement officer. This guy knows, knows that this is against the law, and truly doesn’t care about the consequences. It’s this very Dukes of Hazzard type of vibe that I’m getting. 

Chuck Corra: This was his act of civil disobedience. He felt he had a duty to defend the honor of Bear Bryant by going and poisoning these trees.

S you may be wondering he was sentenced to serve at least six months of a three-year sentence for criminal damage to an agricultural facility and five years of supervised probation, which included a 7:00 PM curfew, a ban on attending any collegiate event, and a ban on stepping foot on Auburn university property that this man was banned.

It sounds like for life, from going to crims and tide games, which is a price to pay, but let’s move on. 

Look, we don’t endorse poisoning trees, but the situation itself and how this guy got caught by his own stupidity is objectively hilarious

Campaign Check-in: The West Virginia Legislature’s Attack on Abortion

Chuck Corra: Callie, something that’s objectively not hilarious is what the West Virginia state legislature is trying to do currently with abortion.

And what I mean by that is banning the shit out of it. We told you, this is a heavy episode. We’re gonna try to inject some levity into it at certain points, but for our campaign check-in Callie, you’re gonna walk us through what kind of awful shit the West Virginia state legislature has been doing in their air quote, special session, and by special I think they really should call it fucking awful.

Callie Pruett: As we all know the decision to overturn Roe V. Wade was handed down a few weeks ago and the West Virginia state legislature called a special session to address the abortion law.Exciting. Stuff for us because everybody wanted to get rid of abortion for good.

It was a very obvious play to be able to push through some legislation that is damaging to women’s healthcare. And to folks who can have children. So the house passed a truly insane bill, despite hearing from over a hundred speakers. Many of you reached out to me and sent me the video of this brave 12-year-old, the middle schooler who spoke on the floor.

12-year-old Addison Gardner speaks out against the proposed abortion ban

That was what she had to say was incredibly moving. And it was just a shame that she only had 40 seconds to say it. Friends of mine spoke to fellow clinic escorts who were impassioned, pleading for justice in the state and to keep healthcare access in the state.

Detailing what the legislature is trying to do to abortion

They called out the dangers of the bill and in return for that, the state legislature banned all abortion except for very limited exceptions.

The first exception is medical emergencies, ectopic, pregnancies, and non-liabilities. So thank God that we got that. That should be the lowest possible barrier to being able to save the life of the mother. And the second one is rape and incest, but only up to 14 weeks gestation, not 14 weeks since you know it.

Plus a police file has a police report to be filed. So this is, a huge chilling effect on rape victims who they even denied, there was an emotion. For an amendment to be able to expand who you can report to, to the obligatory reporters. So people like teachers and people like social workers; those folks don’t count as having told someone or count as going to someone for help.

Which I think is really egregious, especially because many times, if you’re a child, the people that you trust are your teachers and your social workers and the people at your school. So that’s, it’s upsetting. So it got worse from there. The Senate reduced it once it passed the House side, it went to the West Virginia Senate and the Senate reduced the rape and incest exception to eight weeks for adults.

So that is gestation. That is usually, you miss a period, maybe you miss two, and you’ve already passed eight weeks at that point. So it’s incredibly low. Six weeks is an effective abortion ban. This is barely giving any leeway. So then there was a lot of banter back and forth.

A lot of folks speaking on behalf of accepting amendments or not accepting amendments, the house refused to consent to the eight-week ban. They called for a conference committee to reach a consensus. Now, this is pretty complicated and I know that we’re going from house to Senate to committee.

This is just how complicated this issue is, and that’s why we wanna stay on top of it for y’all because it’s hard to follow unless you have somebody to break it down. So there is no exact timeline on when this conference committee we’ll be able to meet, but somehow after all of this, somehow abortion remains legal in West Virginia for the time being, because they can’t agree on just how awful and dehumanizing to make this extreme ban.

So this is not a win. I wanna be really clear for us. This is not a win. This is a time bomb, a ticking time bomb.

Who Said It: Sen. Robert Karnes or Alex Jones?

Chuck Corra: We’re recording this Sunday, July 31st, 2022 at 1:38 PM. And as of right now, abortion has not been outlawed in West Virginia, but I would imagine that come this time next week, I would guess that we won’t be able to say that, but I don’t know.

So as of this recording, it is a good thing for now, but yeah I agree with you. It’s not a win. This is just they’re debating on how terrible it’s gonna be. And. There are a lot of terrible people that are in the West Virginia legislature. One of those terrible people is a Senator by the name of Robert Carns, state Senator from Randolph county, a Republican who said that whack job that’s actually, I think that’s putting it pretty nicely.

He claimed that child rape victims romanticized the relationship with the rapist. So yeah. What a guy, this guy is an absolute piece of garbage 

Callie Pruett: A monster. 

Chuck Corra: We wanted to, we got a lot of heavy stuff to talk about in his episode, we gotta inject some levity, a little.

and illustrate just how terrible this guy is. thought. And what better way to do that than a game Callie to illustrate how awful this man 

Callie Pruett: is. I love this. I love Chuck’s games. I hope you all love Chuck’s games. They’re my favorite part of the last episode and I think they’re gonna be my favorite part of this episode and I will win again.

Chuck Corra: Oh, we’ll see this one’s tough. We’ll buckle up. I call this one Karney and friends. Callie. You have to guess if the unhinged phrase that I’m about to utter is something said by Senator Robert Karnes of West Virginia or conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones. It’s one or the other. 

Number one. This person accused planned parenthood of promoting eugenics and suggested that they be renamed to planned Unix. Was that Robert Carns or Alex Jones? 

Callie Pruett: I’m going to guess. That’s Robert Karnes, 

Chuck Corra: correct? That was Robert Karnes.

Congratulations on coming out of the gate strong. Yes. This guy does not like planned parenthood and for some reason thinks that they’re cutting people’s dicks off. I don’t know. I’m maybe I because that’s what a unit or Unix has their genitalia cut off. gave 

Callie Pruett: That one away for me was the use of the term Munich.

I’m like only a West Virginia Senator would use the term like that. It’s crazy. 

Chuck Corra: I hope these are more difficult. Now question number two, this person claimed that there was a gay bomb and tap water containing chemicals that turned frogs gay

Was that Alex Jones all serious? All serious. Dang. Yes. That was an easy one. It was Alex Jones. It’s a classic Alex Jones right there. This one’s pretty interesting. Number three, this person claimed that Chris Evans’ movie, the gray man was a box office bomb because he was killing and grooming his customers, AKA children.

Callie Pruett: What that doesn’t even make sense? 

Chuck Corra: This is, oh, if you’re looking for things to make sense, you’re gonna be sorely mistaken in this game. You may look elsewhere. 

Callie Pruett: I’m gonna go with Alex Jones. 

Chuck Corra: I’m sorry. That is incorrect. It was Robert Carnes. Robert 

Callie Pruett: Carnes. All right. All 

Chuck Corra: right. So sorry. 

Callie Pruett: I’m so sorry.

I’m keeping scores. So I have two points four and I missed one. 

Chuck Corra: I was trying to find it. I was trying to find the original tweet. I don’t know where it is, but it was wild. So funny anyway. Okay. Okay. So question number four. This person claimed that metrosexuals who lined up to kill babies are now lining up to cut their balls off in exchange for sex okay?

Callie Pruett: Kas 

Chuck Corra: That’s correct. Yeah. And you know what? It probably gives away the whole Eich thing. Cause he ly has a thing for like people cutting their dicks 

Callie Pruett: off, cutting their dicks off. Yeah no. That is what gave it away to me. Yeah. That was why I guess that 

Chuck Corra: damn. All right. I thought I made this game tougher, but you, Hey, I mean 

Callie Pruett: I’ve lost one.

Yeah. Three for four. We’re going it’s three for all 

Chuck Corra: the way. That’s all right. Question five. Going halfway through here. This person claimed that the TSA was full of perverts and that he couldn’t even go to Houston without them coming after his genitals. Are these cards again? Is that your guess? Yeah.

Sorry. That was Alex Jones. Sorry. Yeah. 

Callie Pruett: Why do these people like talking about their genitals so much? I don’t know. There’s a lot. There are a lot of Dick slashing and genitals in this 

Chuck Corra: it, and it’s only getting worse. Oh boy. All right here. Go. Maybe not. No, I think we’re, I think we’re mostly past those.

All of them are vaguely sexual in some way, but yeah, it’s gotta be Ross. It wouldn’t be Robert Carns and Alex Jones to question number six, this person claimed that parents are allowing their kids to be transgender because it will enhance their social status. 

Callie Pruett: That feels like Karns too.

Chuck Corra: You’re finally in answer. Yeah. Correct. It is Robert Karns. Yes. Very worried about parents who are trying to clout, chase by having their kids be transgender, yeah. Very normal. That’s what we all do. Yeah. A super normal thing. My parents tried too, it’s, what’s true. It’s what you do as a parent question number seven, this person claimed that representative, Eric Swalwell had a Chinese spy slash hooker that was costing the American taxpayer money.

Callie Pruett: This is funny because I don’t like Eric Swalwell at all. So I think this is hilarious. I’m gonna say this one, Alex Jones, 

Chuck Corra: incorrect. Robert Martin. I, this is some conspiracy theory that I am not aware of. And I’d like to stay up on them. This is one that I’m not at all familiar with, but apparently, there’s something about Eric SWO and a Chinese hooker.

I, I dunno. I’m gonna have to look, and I’m using hooker. That’s the term that he said I 

Callie Pruett: called them sex workers. We are a sex-positive podcast. 

Chuck Corra: Yes. Robert Cairns is not. 

Callie Pruett: No de does not seem sex-positive. I think. Yeah. I, yeah, no. I think that this was a great comparison, cause this is wild.


Chuck Corra: Are we? What’s our count here? 

Callie Pruett: All right. I have four. I’ve gotten four. I’ve missed 

Chuck Corra: three. Okay. I think you need four. You missed three. I think you need to hit six to win. All right. I don’t know. It is tough. Okay. So this is question number eight. This person claimed that he would eat his most left neighbors and feed them to his kids.

If it came down to that, I feel 

Callie Pruett: like I’ve heard something very similar to this come out of Alex Jones’s mouth. So I’m gonna guess Alex Jones, correct? Correct. All right. So I now have five. The pressure is a little bit off 

Chuck Corra: his ex-wife tweeted. It was like, this is why my ex-husband is dangerous. Because he wants to feed our kids humans.


Callie Pruett: Do not give. 

Chuck Corra: Hard to agree with her. Yeah. AB my God. No. Oh, that man 

Callie Pruett: doesn’t need to be anywhere near children. 

Chuck Corra: No, he does not need to be procreating or have any children or he doesn’t need to be anywhere near any human in my opinion. But he’s a scary dude, not for solitary confinement, but I think he should just be put on an island by himself without the internet.

Anyway, that sounds good. Okay, so you got five. Yeah. You need one more to win. And we’re going through all of ’em. We got two more left. All right. Question nine. This is a fun one. This person suggested that Democrats are offering foot massages to Joe Manchin and Republicans are offering foot massages to Joe Biden.

Callie Pruett: This is so these like claims are so sexual. I’m gonna say Kas one. 

Chuck Corra: It was Kas. Yeah. Yes. Six. That was Kas. Congratulations. You’ve won. We’ve got one more though. Got one more. I’m ready. Yeah. These are, this guy has some repressed sexual aggression or something 

Callie Pruett: He needs to start introspectively looking.

What his kinks are and why he takes it out on people in this way and what he needs to do because this is not okay. 

Chuck Corra: if he had proper sex education growing up, we might be in a different situation in the legislature, honestly. And that’s not even a joke like this guy clearly has some suppressed sexual feelings.

He is, I think, projecting very loudly vias his Twitter account. And I hope somebody checks in on him. And I hope that he I hope he fully embraces this cuz we are a sex positive podcast. We don’t kink shame. What we do. Shame is people being ugly pieces of shit who try to screw over other people and take their rights away from them, which is what he’s doing.

Anyway, Question number 10. Great. Heidi just farted. That’s awesome. Jesus. Crimey was okay. Oh, all right. Question number 10 final one. This person claimed that John Kerry had gay sex, hundreds of times in coffins while a part of the SCO Bones society at Yale University. 

Callie Pruett: That seems interesting.

I’ve never even heard of that. I’m gonna say, yeah. Alex Jones, 

Chuck Corra: That is Alex Jones, correct? Yes. Not aware of that story. Can’t believe it never came out during his presidential campaign. Very shocked about that. Yeah. 

Callie Pruett: That’s a wild thing to claim. I wanna know what that is. 

Chuck Corra: Alex Jones it’s like, who knows, man?

Interview with Sen. Doug Jones

Let’s move on to our interview. We have a great one. Today. We have Senator Doug Jones, former US Senator for the great state of Alabama. Since leaving the Senate, he’s been working with the Biden administration, helping get Katja Brown Jackson confirmed to the Supreme court, as well as assisting with the January 6th committee.

It was a great conversation. I think it was a necessary conversation. We talked about a lot of things. We talked about Alabama politics, Appalachian, and Alabama politics. We talked about how Democrats are missing the mark in reaching people in different parts of the country. And a lot of other things, it was great.

Callie, I enjoyed this interview. I think everybody will. What were your thoughts about it? Yeah, 

Callie Pruett: I think this was a really necessary conversation. We tried to bring on a myriad of voices to this show, and this is gonna be, I think, a little bit more of a conservative voice than what our listeners are used to.

But I think that it was a good message for us to hear as we start to look at how political campaigns are failing the region and how we can communicate better to the folks who are around us, our neighbors. I think that there are a couple of things in there that, personally, I.

Think we should go hard on like abortion and Doug Jones had a couple of things to say that were a little bit pushback to that, which I thought is very healthy for us to have that pushback. I appreciated what he brought to the podcast. And also just appreciate his enthusiasm for talking to us.

Sometimes you can get on calls with people who are really big names like Doug Jones and it’s like they don’t take time for you. Doug Jones went well over the allotted time that he had given us so that he could talk to us and get this message out there. So I just wanna say, I appreciate him.

And shout out to his assistant, Nicole, for helping us out and getting this secured. We like to thank those who help us make sure that things can happen. And so I thought this was 

Chuck Corra: a great interview. I agree. And I’m glad that you pointed that out because yeah, there are some things that you’ll probably agree with him on there are some things you’ll probably disagree with him on and I think that’s great.

Cause, I felt the same way about certain things we talked with him about, but I think it’s important to have diverse viewpoints that we respect on this show. Even if we don’t necessarily agree with him completely, we still respect the positions they’re taking. And honestly, for Alabama, he was a Senator.

It probably fit the mold well of the electorate there when he was in office. So I think it’s a really good interview. I think you all will appreciate it. So let’s cut to our interview with Senator Doug Jones.

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