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We’re joined by none other than Corey Ryan Forrester – known by many as “The Buttercream Dream to discuss comedy, mental health, and more. Corey is a comedian based out of beautiful Chickamauga, Georgia.

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Chuck: Corey joins us to talk about comedy and especially mental health, which is something that he has been, um, very active in publicly facing about his mental health struggles and triumphs and, and all of that really great discussion. We also, you know, shoot the shit for a little bit too. It’s a lot of fun.

He’s a rising star in comedy and it was really cool to have him on the show. Let’s get to our interview with Corey.

Interview with Comedian Corey Ryan Forrester

Corey Ryan Forrester, part of the WellRED comedy group
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Big John: Well, I think that there, there are a lot of things that we want to talk about. I know that we want to talk about, uh, mental health. We want to talk about your career, what’s going on. And, and funny enough, I forgot to mention this to Chuck. So he’s not even, he doesn’t even know that I want to talk about this, but I also want to talk about professional wrestling with the blaze, because I think that you are a, you’re underrated professional wrestling.

So, so I think that it will be a good conversation. I’ll let, I’ll let Chuck start. Cause he’s, he’s going to have the, uh, probably the better brains of this operation. Yeah. 

Chuck: Uh, well, I’ll, I’ll break a little news here and say that you did actually mention that to me before, which is why I have a great sting story but it’s not about him. It’s about a friend and person and him, but, but we’ll, we’ll get to that. I sorta, yeah, yours is probably way better. My, I hype that up way too much. 

Corey Forrester: Uh, don’t want to hear your buddy for sure. That’s awesome. Oh, for sure. Yeah. I cannot wait to tell you my stain. So can I cuss? Fuck.


Chuck: You have the blessing of being a dual citizen being from the South and from Appalachia. We like to ask people a little bit about where they’re from and, uh, you’re, you’re from you from Chickamauga.

I know you live there now. Right? Beautiful North Georgia, um, hop, skip, and a jump away. And these are for my middle East Tennessee listeners from rock city off of I 24 and good old Chattanooga, uh, down a little ways from there. I 


Corey Forrester: be in Chattanooga in about 12 minutes and I can be in Alabama in about 30 minutes.

So, you know, multicultural, real diverse. 

Chuck: Oh yeah. You know, well, what, um, what made you want to, what made you want to stay there? Um,

On doing comedy and staying in Georgia

Corey Forrester: well for I long time in my, I moved to New York and I was there for a year because that was something, and this is definitely not the case. Now it was the capital. It was the case.

Then when you’re a comedian and you’ve put in so much time working the road from whatever, you know, I started in Chattanooga. There comes a time when it’s like, it’s, it’s like an unwritten rule whereby I was like, all right. If you’re serious about this, you have to make a decision. You have to go to New York, you have to go to LA.

And being, you know, I was talking off mock about like maybe in this like stubborn old school guy. Cause I was kinda raised by old school paper. And I’ve been doing standup for so long that like, even though I’ve, I’ve always been the young one in the room, no matter what, every, like when I started, I was 16, I’ve always been the young guy in the room, uh, identified with those old guys.

And because of that, the gritty nature of New York sort of appealed to me. So I was like, I go to New York that seems the most miserable. Cause that’s how my brain works. That’s how my brain worked back then was like, like, like that was when, you know, I call it like it was the Louis C K era. By that, I mean a lot of things, but one of those certainly is it was like the height of people thinking that in order to be a comedian or artist of any kind, you had to be a complete, miserable, fucking twat all the time.

There’s a lot of like my depression and anxiety that still today, I can’t quite tell if it’s chicken or egg, like, was I this way? I got into comedy or was, did comedy make the comedy, create a lot of this and romanticize a lot of this and make you kind of like nurture it into some fucking bullshit plant that you still keep on the wind to seal.

Um, but I, I moved to New York, but uh, the reason I came back cause I was broke. I mean, that was very simple. Came back, broke, uh, got very lucky, ran up a bunch of credit card. John, you know, John raped the Hemi guy. The Canadian John Ray. Yeah. I’ve heard of them as John rate comic standing. And he’s a great comedian.

Well, we were drunk as shit one night before I moved to New York and I’ve told him this story since, so he doesn’t care. And I told him, I was like, I’m moving to New York, but I don’t know what to do, man. Like, it’s gonna be hard to make money up there doing comedy. Just get a bunch of credit cards and just fucking run.

You gotta run a credit card. It was the most redneck advice ever. He goes, no dude. I’m telling you. He’s like, cause I used to open for John all the time. And John was like, dude, I’m telling you, he’s like, I believe in you, dude. He goes, you’re going to be something like, we all know it. All of us know it. We were like, this is the kid he’s going to do something.

He goes, so you just bet on yourself, man. He goes, I did, I did that and ran up all this debt because I believed in myself and I got the Hemi commercial and paid all that shit off. And I was like, and I’m sitting here at, John’s like an auto of mine. He’s a hero. He’s a headlining comic that took me on the road and stuff like that.

So I’m like, man, if he believes in Macbeth, God, I believe in me too. So I go to New York, I run up all these fucking credit cards. I go broke and come back home tail tucked. And then my buddy Trey comes up with this character that he’d been workshopping while I was in New York. He’d been doing this NBC writer’s workshop and he’d always had this idea for this progressive hillbilly character called the liberal redneck boom.

He makes a video, boom. It goes viral. Boom. He takes me on the road with him on a tour. And then all of a sudden we’re approached and we get a book deal that is more money than I’ve still to this day ever seen in my life, a piece for us. And I paid off every single bit of my credit card debt. So a year later, we’re off the road.

I see that my buddy John reap is in Atlanta and I’m like, I got a weird weekend off. I’m going to go see John and hanging out. You get to Atlanta. John’s like, dude, do guests say it’s open the show. I’m like, all right. So we have a good time. We’re out drinking. We went to some themed clubs and, uh, and, uh, and I was telling, John’s like, man, I’m so happy for all your success, man.

Like, we’d just done the VU, all this stuff again. I’m so happy for your success and I said, well, dude, you know, a lot of that to you. He’s like, what do you mean? So I said, well, dude, I didn’t know what to do about going to New York and I just, you know, I racked up debt and credit cards and luckily we got that book deal and I paid it all off.

That’s what you told me to do and he pulled a fuck, a race Bobby from Talladega nights. He goes, what I told you that shit through a divorce when I said that and I was like, Oh wait, he goes, I’m glad, but goddamn don’t ever tell any other young comic that shit. So I moved back home, tail tucked, and uh, I’m in, you know, and then all that happened.

The reason I’ve stayed is, um, at first it was because my grandmother from here, um, she’s since died, but I, it kept being little reasons like that. I bet, well, you know, I’ll move once, blah, blah, blah, and then try and move to LA drew moved to LA and I’m like, I and my then me and my wife got married.

Then I assumed we’re gonna move to LA and then I was like, well, I feel bad. Her having to plan a wedding and a move at the same time, we’ll just wait. And that literally took us up to the pandemic. And then it was like, fuck, I’m glad we stayed. Uh, you know, I’m glad we stayed here. And now because of the pandemic, I know this is a long-winded answer, but because of the pandemic, it has shown that the industry no longer really cares if you live in LA or New York, because now they know we can just do meetings via zoom.

We’re all really good at it. So I kind of worked myself into a shoot and now there’s a goddamn Marvel studios down the street. Like when I filmed zombie land too, I just drove to Atlanta. Did it came back, you know, so there’s not as much pressure and I’m already going to be on the road 42 weeks a year.

Anyways, what the fuck does it matter? What the other 10 are, where they are? You know, I can fly out if you need me. 

Chuck: Hell yeah. I, I identify with that a lot. That’s um, that’s really interesting. And you mentioned the book. I did want to say this in the beginning and I forgot the book is fantastic by the way.

Corey: I think that that should be encouraged. Um, but like, I mean, I was dude, I was, when we wrote that book, I was. 28 years old. I was

eight. We were on the rest of like, I don’t know, I’m just so scared to rate it, but that’s just the neurotic person and made that you just gave me a compliment and I had to walk it back and throw it in your face. 

Chuck: Well, I, in fairness, both John and I were in law school five years ago. So, uh, I can identify with five-year ago, Chuck being way different than present day.

Um, but I do want to say I was given that book, uh, when I was living in Tennessee still. And it was really great to, to actually like see you and drew and Trey as people who thought the same way as I did or, but are from the South. Because at that time I was feeling very disheartened about like the politics of, and everything.

So, uh, I, I did want to say that because it was just a really, it was really great to actually be able to, um, Uh, be introduced to you all in like the, the well-read, um, comedy trio 

Corey Forrester: shit. You saying that because a lot of people might not know this. Um, people say that to us all the time though, man, when you guys, and it’s so crazy to hear, because like the first couple of times I heard, I was like, these people were full of shit and I, but I hear it so much now that I’m like, well, I can’t say that their life experience is wrong.

They’re they’re like, you know, you guys literally, like I found out about you guys and I was like, Holy shit, there’s more, there’s more, there’s more of us. And I tell them every time I go, do you realize that this tour did the same thing for us? All of us were just so frustrated and we knew each other, but we were in comedy and comedy is different.

And comedy attracts the more liberal types. They just, all, I just always had all art. Does it just, that’s how it works. We’re like, Whoa, wait, we just, hold on. We just sold out in North Carolina. How are there this many people in North Carolina that would, Whoa, Holy shit.

So like we had that moment too. Like there was no, there was the tour wasn’t set up because we were like, we know that there’s a bunch of people lock up and we will take their money. We were just as goddamn shocked as all y’all were seeing us sell out stuff. I promise until still to this day, dude, still to this day, whenever we sell out anywhere, when we sell out in California, I get.

It blows my mind for completely other reasons, but then we sell out North Carolina. I’m like, I, man, I still like, I can’t believe I went for so long and thought it was just us 

Chuck: three. Absolutely. It’s such a, it’s so good to see for like other creators too, who are, I think coming from places like where you’re from or like where we’re from in West Virginia, to be able to see the path that you all really paved for, that kind of, of, of creator that kind of comedian, that kind of podcast or that type of thing.


Corey Forrester: it’s weird. We, we, we do talk not to, not to, um, this is the tuning, the well-read horn portion of the podcast. We talk about that every now and then when we’re, when we’re, so, you know, when you get so drunk that you start thinking of your achievements and you know, you’re thinking about all the other people passing, you know, passing the bar and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

And I’m fucking the Mayan. We will think all the time. We’re like, we know that one day there will be a group of liberal Southern hillbilly comedians that surpass us, um, because we were the first and that’s how it goes, but that’s the one thing we go, we go, but no matter what, nobody will ever be able to say that y’all, weren’t a goddamn, like first that anyone can think of that kind of started a whole new genre.

There’ve been other comedians in that genre, but like, you know, it’d be. It, we kind of did a thing and I’m proud of it.

Discussion about depression and mental health

Chuck: Absolutely. Yeah. And well earned. Um, I wanted to transition a little bit. I knew that that, uh, John had mentioned in the DM and earlier about the subject of mental health, it’s something that recently John and I talked about on an episode, cause I know both him and I have had our own personal experiences with it.

You’ve been very, I think, public and upfront. With how you manage your mental health, how you manage your depression, how you deal with that. And so, um, I think like we’re just really interested in hearing kind of your thoughts on that. What led you to be so public about it being so open about it?

Because I think it’s something that I know at least for myself or for a lot of our listeners, we really appreciate it because I think anytime you can put a face to mental health, to depression and, and put some real, like, like, uh, stories around it and real experience around it, it really helps other people cope with it and, and, uh, and be able to manage it themselves.

Corey Forrester: Well, for me. So I have this, uh, Panda series that I do called the daily depression discussions. And they’re not planned out. They’re definitely not like I’ll miss a day from time to time because that’s just how, that’s just how it goes. Um, but basically how it started. Like today’s w I saw a dude, uh, out in the park who I’ve been watching and I’ve not been stalking this old man in the park, but we do have, like, because I’m a comedian and he’s old, we have the same schedule, you know, like we can just kind of do whatever we want.

I’ve been noticing him in the park and he’s clearly been rehabbing his leg and he’s been on a crutch for a while and not been able to walk well. And today I saw him and he was like holding the crutch above his head, like in celebration and walking without it. And I was like, man, that’s awesome. Like what a great, you know, what a great parable for like, You, you still have to put the work in, like, if you like your brain is, is something that you got to take care of if you want it to get better.

And so I posted about that, but those started with one day I was just actually feeling depressed and I hadn’t had a depressive snap as my granny, I guess, would call it in awhile, which is good. I’ve been, you know, in a more manic mode, but it all started when, when, uh, I kept having people who bike, you know, because my profile has been raised a little bit.

Maybe I’d say something on Twitter that was a little off color or something. And I would get a message that people would be like, Hey man, you know, you got a platform now you got a platform now you gotta really watch more of what you do. And I’d just be like, get the fuck out of my face with this platform.

Talk like, just because I have a lot of people following it, like, like basically something in the news would happen and they’d be like, Hey, I figured that with your platform, you would comment on this. And I’m like, well, you know, I didn’t see it. I’m sorry. I don’t.

Do you understand that it’s 24, seven news and like, sometimes I got to create some of this shit, but I kept hearing platform platform platform, and I was taking it very negatively as I am want to do every now and then and then when I was really feeling depressed and I was just like, Oh my God, I could feel it coming calm before the storm.

I was like, you know what. I do have a platform that is correct. So get on your phone and you would want to hear right now say what would have been awesome for you to hear if you were 1920 Corey, and you can hear someone that maybe you’re a fan of, or you look up to specifically, because I say my, my only experience in life is as a white CIS man and mental health is one of the only areas where we, we actually get treated a little shit, in my opinion.

Like we’re not, we’re not talk about it. And, and we get Barack if, if, uh, where I’m from man. And I know that y’all know this dude when I was younger, if I was to say, I’m depressed, I would have literally just got caught pussy. Like, that’s it. And, and I was just like, that’s what people around you. That’s what the people that follow you, that they’re hearing.

So use your platform and let them know that they’re not alone at least. Um, and you know, I’ll be forthright. Those videos do a lot of good for me. Like they’re still a little selfish. Like when I, when I put one of those out, it feels good to do it. Um, helping people is nice, a side benefit of it being helpful for me, for me.

And I’m glad that it I’m glad that it does help a lot of people. Yeah. Because I’ve gotten such good feedback. It’s encouraged me to keep it going. Cause I’ve dude, I’ve had some pretty rough DMS, if you can imagine of people, but then there were some that was like, Hey man, I ain’t gonna lie. I’ve had some that were literally going, dude.

Uh, I was kind of considering killing myself and I, and I’m not trying to laugh. It’s just, that’s my reaction to something so awkward and terrible. I was thinking about killing myself tonight and your video popped across my screen and it made me feel better. And I’m not stupid enough to think that they might not be with us now, but they did feel better in that moment.

And that sort of is what we all as comedians want to do anyways with our jokes. So now it’s just a, not less funny extension of that same philosophy, I suppose. 

Big John: Yeah. I think what you’re doing is great. I think I think if we had more people who. Uh, look, I, I, it’s funny that you mentioned the whole platform thing because obviously Chuck and I are nowhere near where you are at potlatch and nowhere near well-read is bullshit, but Twitter, no bullshit.

Big John: Yeah. Uh, the, in terms of, of the platform thing, we, we also like if something happens in Appalachia, like now everybody kind of turns to us and says like, you know, why, why haven’t you said something on the Sur or why are you, you know?

And I, I always, uh, I’ve dealt with depression for a really long time. So when people do that and I take it as a negative thing as, as if they think I’m not doing my job, like, you know, I’m not doing, I’m not doing enough for the region or whatever. And I tend to, you know, I’ll text Chuck and be like, how could they say this?

Chuck: more level headed than both of us. 

Big John: Very, uh, and so she’ll, she’ll tell me, like, that’s not what they’re saying there, you know, and, and they’re, they’re saying you have a platform, you can talk about these things.

And so I, I get what you’re saying, and I think that there needs to be more discussion with this and. And you talk about how being a guy. I think we, we often we are so lucky to have to be white men. I’m 

Corey Forrester: not going to lie, dude. Absolutely. I’ll still take it in the draft every single day.

Big John: sure. But, but anyway, it’s, it’s tough though, to, to talk about these things and you’re doing it at a new level, like where you’re just, you’re out there telling people, this is what I deal with. What, I mean, how do you, how do you balance being this funny, you know, buttercream dream, but also kind of being this vulnerable, you know, Corey, 

Corey Forrester: uh, some days I, um, I’m having to learn which guy’s driving the boat every day and that’s, that’s a struggle, you know, like, uh, because at the end of the day, like I’m still a guy who like, you know, look, I suffer from depression.

Some people suffer from depression, but I also might, however, like, you know, th the moment that you’re letting it affect other people, you still have to get your shit in check. And so like, I’m like, look tomorrow, Corey, you have three sketches that you’re supposed to rewrite. It really doesn’t matter whether you feel good or not.

Peole are counting on me to get them done. So really it’s just me trying to compartmentalize. All that stuff. Like, we’re not like I’m in a great mood today.

Try to get a week ahead just in case you have some bad days of this week, that you can allow yourself to kind of not, that’s also speaking from a place of privilege because I make my own schedule I’m in the creative field. So that’s another thing that I’m like always, I try to be aware of when I’m giving quote unquote advice.

I’m just speaking from my experience. It’s what I know, but really what it all boils down to is like, I just have to depression is your life. It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not. It is your life. If you’re, if you have a, uh, um, a handicap in your foot, you’ve got to do certain things differently in order to compensate for that.

Depression is no different and it sucks that we have to do that, but this is just the hand I was dealt, and, um, it’s just those little concessions that I have to make every day. Sometimes I wake up and I know for a fact, buttercream is driving the boat and it’s going to be a good day and we’re going to crank them out and we’re going to have a good day.

Some days I’ll wake up and I know that ain’t the case and unless I have something that’s an emergency that I have to do, I’m, I’m doing a lot better at giving myself a break, which is something that it took me literally 30 years to learn to do, but just giving myself a break because you know, you guys know where we’re from, man.

Like it’s well, can you work? Your feet, hit the floor too. Your ass hits the ground and goddammit. Yeah. And by the way, there’s people that have to do that. And that’s a great attitude to have, but like. Oh, man, you got to find balance because at the end of the day, what’s it all about if you, if you hate everything, then what’s it all about.

So I’m just, just trying to take a little better care of myself and just that’s my thing is every morning I wake up and go, who’s driving. All right. Well, he’s not as good of a driver, so maybe go slower. You know, 

Big John: I like that. I think that that’s a, I think that’s a good way to put it. 

Chuck: Yeah. The, um, the pussy comment really resonated with me because, um, I

And I, I think like one thing that I think you’re doing, um, and then just, I think people in general, when they’re open about these things is engaging. I think in a little bit of. I don’t know if the right word is reprogramming, but that’s what I’ll choose to call it, especially for men, but just for people in general, because there’s been such a stigma around mental health.

And, and so, um, this isn’t really a question, but it’s just more of a comment. I appreciate what you’re doing, because it helps give a permission structure for other, I think men to feel comfortable being vulnerable about those kinds of things. And I 

Corey Forrester: mean, and again, you know, I’m a big dude who likes to preface things.

Cause I know if I just say thanks speaking from my own experience and it seems like, I think that’s everyone else’s experience. I can understand that I come off as a bit of a douche, uh, because I’m in again, I’m in the entertainment man. Like I kinda like, I get to make my own rule book, uh, like I’m allowed to wear a pink robe to the grocery store because I’m not going to run into a guy who might fire me.

Cause he’s my boss like that. Don’t I wear a paint robe to the grocery store and somebody takes a picture of me and puts it on Twitter. I get a thousand new followers. That’s, I’m allowed to be weird. I’m allowed to meet. I’m allowed to be weird and I’m allowed to, but that’s really what it was. It was like one day, like one day I didn’t really want it.

I didn’t talk about my depression that much. And one day. That whole, like, you’re a pussy, you’re a pussy, you’re a pussy. I started thinking, I was like, they already call you that for everything else about you. Like everything else about you, like you’re a fucking liberal, you think people should have rights.

Uh, you, you know, you, you dress weird, you know, like you’re, you’re kind of, uh, like I’ve always been the artsy dude. I’ve always been like, I was, I was definitely the only guy ever to go to my school that played football, but was also in the drama club. And you know, I’ve always been a more sensitive dude and like, I’m, you know, they know me around here.

I’m the dude. Like if I ran over a squirrel, um, I’m going to probably be really upset about that. Like that upsets me. I would definitely still eat it though. Like, there is a dichotomy about me, but, but like eventually one day I was like, dude, Why in, God’s just beat everything else about you yourself. Um, I’m allowed to do that, but maybe, maybe it will at least like if I I’m, I’m aware that there’s people out there that can’t just be like, I can’t really just talk about my depression because like, it’ll just be weird at home and where to go.

I get it. But maybe if I, if somebody is like, but at least I know that Corey who seems it’s stuff I’d even say is that, like he said, otherwise, Corey seems to have it together. So to know that he’s struggling to that you telling me, are you telling me that the guy that goes outside and don’t wear a shirt 34 years old, puts wrestling belt on at skirt and screams at politicians on his phone.

That guy has some Brian trouble. Get the fuck out of here, man. You see something new every day. God

Big John: that’s, I think that’s a, that’s a fair way to 

Corey Forrester: put it. That’s my Trae Crowder impression, by the way, 

Big John: honestly, that’s, that’s literally what I was about to say. Was it, have you, have you heard that from Trey? You 

Corey Forrester: want me to, do you want me to teach everyone on your show? How to do the perfect impression of try Cracker.

A discussion on wrestling

All right. First off. Here’s what you do. You start out with a Dr. Phil impersonation. That’s where you start. That’s your bias. You, you’re not a monster. You’re a good guy. You’re fine. And then you add some pretentious wires, like, you know,  what I’d do if I was in your precarious situation. So now you’ve got the words and you’ve got the Dr.

Phil as the base. Now pretend that Doctor Phil either had a severe sinus attack or got punched in the nose and you just bring her up here. Look, man, I’ll tell you what I grew up in East Tennessee. Those were my people are God damn it. And I’ll tell you right now. You don’t want to fucking fuck with me. You either fish or cut bait you son of a bitch.

The starter kit does pretty damn good

Big John: that’s for a long time. I’m sure that’s part of it. Yeah. I thought I was talking to Trey for a second. Who is the last piece? That’s the last piece of the well-read podcast on this show? That’s it? Nope. Nope. Now I got to transition to, to wrestling because it’s so funny because the other day I was looking at you, I don’t remember what you posted, but you’ve how long maybe it’s been recent.

Maybe it’s not. You seem to have a lot of friends in the indie wrestling seat. Yeah. Is that new, is that it has that come over the last, like, you know, since buttercream dream or has it been for a while? 

Corey Forrester: Buttercream dream has definitely helped it. Definitely helped it a lot, but a lot of people don’t know one of my best buddies in the whole world is Conrad Thompson of, of the Conrad Thompson podcast empire.

Actually, I’m one of the rare people who I knew Conrad before all that like I did as he had, I think when I and Conrad met, he had just started his Bruce Prichard podcast, which was the first one he ever did. Um, he had just, he had just been helping flair Rick flair with his, which of course is how he met his wife, Megan, and I and Conrad just become buddies.

We like our now Conrad was very successful before all the podcasts, but our entertainment careers, I met him right as well-read started and he routed, he started the podcast and so we’ve just kind of had our relationship and careers have just kind of been going at the same time. So we relate to each other in a lot of ways, because that I was, you know, if there’s an IDW show and I want to go to it and go backstage or whatever I’m in.

And because of that, I met a lot of these dudes, but then yes, when I started doing the buttercream dream and I can’t tell you how much, how much it hits for me that like these dudes like me, because I’ve been real nervous that like I know, and you know, that what I’m doing is a celebration of wrestling.

But I was so worried and I talked to Conrad about it a bunch, and he’s like, dude, I’m telling you like, you’re, you’re good that I was just so worried that they would be like, look at this fucking guy trying to steal our gimmick, you know, yada, yada. And I always had my, like, my defenses were always ready for me to be like, we let Mick Foley do stand up at comedy clubs, get the fuck out of here.

I’ve been so ready to be like, Jake, the snake was at the comedy catch last week. What is that? Um, but like I’m, and I’m, and by the way, I’m certain that there are some out there that don’t like me, that they probably see it in. They’re like, you know, but like for the most part that there’s, you know, I’ve hung out with, like, I’ve had conversations about it with, with, you know, Dustin Rhodes and gold dust for those of you.

And you know, I’m not saying he’s my biggest fan, but like, it’s not an offensive gimmick to him. And that meant a lot to me because. I always, when I made some, I always like to ask like, Hey man, doing respectful to you because, and they’ll all most of the time when I’m in the, but we can tell you’re a fan, you know what I mean?

And that’s that’s okay. Uh, so yeah, just go into the shows. Like I always go to Conrad puts on star cast and there’s always a gcwr van and I always go. And so I’ve just got to meet these dudes and there’s so much, there’s so much that we have in common. Like it’s like talking like us talking. It’s like, it’s like two comedians talking or two wrestlers.

We do different things. And obviously what they do is more dangerous and scary, but like the philosophy and the psychology of everything that we’re doing is exactly the same. They get into a wrestling ring. I go on stage. We’re both trying to entertain people. We’re both playing apart. Um, you know, there’s not there’s again, the physicality is a lot different, but the mentality is no different at all.

I have a ton of musician, friends and we’re friends because like, I can’t explain it other than there’s just like this understood vibe that we all have of like, I, we don’t do the exact same thing, but we do enough of the thing that you are my brother forever. And I would fucking murder someone for you.

Like, I like you. I like you kind of better than I liked some of my family. And I love my family. It’s just that they don’t get it and you get it. And therefore we don’t like when I made, when I made a regular person or as we call them a civilian. I’ve got to like, explain my, like for them to understand any stupid ass decision I make, I have to be like, but you have to understand the lifestyle that I live in the blah, blah, blah, all these people already get it.

So you don’t have to waste time with the origin story. And this is what I do. And this is what I do. You just go, I’m an artist and they’re like, fucking ice sucks, donut. You know your brothers. 

Big John: Well, I will point out to our listeners because I’m going to guarantee that MIP probably like 85, 90% have no idea what we’re talking about.

And I just want to clarify, I am. I’m purely having this discussion based off the most selfish, fucking reason possible. Like this is for me. I like Chuck in the show notes. He’ll he’ll I’m sure put like end of wrestling conversation, is it? Yeah. 

Chuck: I always put the timestamps in, cause I know some people don’t like our bullshit in the 

Corey Forrester: beginning, so I wish I was that dedicated to our timestamps on ours because sometimes we’ll have that and we’re like, I bet you people didn’t don’t really want to hear.

Yeah. So I have to fucking decide for themselves. 

Big John: Yeah. So, so I just wanted to point out, like I’m doing this purely off the, the muscle look, Chuck, Chuck has controlled my wrestling, uh, discussion for the last, what year and a half. I’m not saying he did it like on purpose, but 

Chuck: he keeps me, he 

Big John: keeps me on the straight and narrow.

So don’t go off. You’re not arrested. It’s 

Chuck: not that I’m not a fan. I just don’t follow it very closely. No, I 

Corey Forrester: understand. 

Big John: Uh, so who right now, who’s, who’s your guy at the top guy or, or, or women the best wrestler to you right now? 

Corey Forrester: Well, best wrestler. And who’s my guy, I guess it is a different question a little bit.

I would say that, like, you know, the smart marks all want to say like, will OSS prize the best work or best wrestler, you know, in Japan, I don’t disagree with that. Um, but as like personality wise, I’ll tell you the guy that I relate to the most now I will, I will tell you this, not tell Conrad this all the time.

I have fallen behind a lot during COVID, just because I know that they have to do the shows, crowd list. I get that they’re doing what they have to do, but they don’t get it for me. And, uh, and now, and I also, I got to go to some of them because I got clean, I got cleared, massed up tested, and just went to Jacksonville because I was allowed to go to hang out with, you know, Tony and all those guys.

But like I’m. So I watched a couple and I’m like, man, they are really doing the absolute best. They can under the circumstances, but I don’t like it because when I watch wrestling without a crowd, I’m instantly reminded of this horrible situation that we’re in. And that’s what I’m trying to get away from for a second.

So the way that I’m trying to say this is, I think they’re doing awesome with no crowds and it’s not their fault that I don’t watch, but that’s absolutely why I haven’t really been watching that much. But I said all that to say, this really love hanging man page. I think that dude gets it. That dude reminds me, Oh, he’s old school, but he also is hip and cool at the same time.

I love his Twitter presence. It seems like me and him would really get along. I haven’t gotten to meet, but also best Hill in the business, in my opinion, MJF dude. Cause he’s cause he’s the real dude. He’s the real deal. So it star cast in Chicago, which is the last star cast, I think before COVID it was Baltimore, but anyways, I’m in Chicago and MJF there and he’s actually not even really got his big shining moment on AAW yet, but he, so his gimmick was, he was doing a meet and greet and he, he made his meet and greet the most expensive meet and greet because he quote, didn’t want to have to talk to poor people.

Big John: And 

Corey Forrester: dude, his shit was sold out for the first 45 minutes. People had to take a picture behind him because he was asleep on the table and people fucking hate it. And that’s the thing where you go like, well, is he a bad guy then? Because people love it. But like, dude, he’s so good at it, man. Like he’s just such a huge asshole and I love, I love, I absolutely love his work.

I think he’s faced tremendous. Um, I like Kevin Owens. I, I like, I like a lot of the WWE people. I think that when I watched that a lot of them are being misused, but at the same time, they’ve got a huge roster and like not Tane belts that people have to win, which don’t hit for me. Uh, but I, I liked that wrestling seems to be in a good place and there’s a lot of promotions doing well.

And I hope that the ones that have survived COVID will continue to grow. Uh, because I think that it’s such a drew Morgan from the well-read comedy tour has, has said this before. And I agree with him. It’s modern day Shakespeare. Yeah, 

Big John: it’s fine. I think that it’s, I think it’s fucking great. The look I grew up, uh, I grew up watching wrestling, like it, it consumed my entire life.

I mean, literally I would, I’m a 28 year old man who like throughout my entire house has a bunch of like, uh, Mick Foley stuff ever. He’s the best he is. He is by far. I think that you can see the top I can right here. I got that. That’s from 1998. The first time I ever met Mick 

Corey Forrester: Foley, he 

Big John: was, and he, for some reason, came to Parkersburg, West Virginia and little known fact make Foley’s first match was in Clarksburg, West Virginia, which just happened to be where I was born.

So I think it was, it was pretty much meant 

Corey Forrester: to be a humblebrag here. I talked to Mike the other day. I will flip this table. Mic mic will message me every now and then. And I always like, I definitely, I know right now I hope he doesn’t hear this and be like, what a fucking Mark. Um, but here’s this, I will freeze a huge fan, but like I’ll never message him cause I’m like, okay.

He meant I can’t mess with him because then he’ll be like, Oh, hi, I’m Mick Foley. I’m the one that starts this conversation. I’m fine. He doesn’t think like that because he’s such a sweet guy, but he’ll message me like. I don’t, I don’t know if he’s like, not allowed to like, share my videos because he’s maybe still under contract, something like that.

And I say that because it would be so easy for him just to share it or like it, but he never does well, he’ll like it. And then I’ll get a message from him detailing exactly why he got the video, which was super dude. Like it hits for me so hard. He’ll be like, dude, this was awesome because, because that’s how his mind works.

He’s like, you know, like, I love how you booked this video, you know what I mean? And so we’ll talk and I, I got to explain to him the other day, how much like his era, that the attitude era was like the air I grew up in and also like how much in my comedy career and just artistic career. I was inspired by him because like with the buttercream dream, and then I made buttercream dreams, aunt who is eight later.

And then I made all these other characters like that Stripe from Mick Foley gave us all the permission of you. Don’t have to be one thing you can be if you’ve got this other idea, just do it. Like, it’s fine. Have it have a split personality, have a bunch of characters create this world. So he’s always been like in the buttercream world and people would tell me that, like, you know, who’s buttercream based on.

I was like, well, to me, there’s a little flair in there. The name is based on dusty roads. There’s the name is based on dusty roads. The skis are based on Rick flair. Um, But there’s all the, and, and the how wild I’ll get with the other stuff. There’s a lot of McFoley in there. And the accent is kind of a mixture between just mine and stone colds, but all of it comes together for the buttercream dream.

And Mick Foley is a huge part of that. Um, so anyways, I just wanted to throw in the fact that every night probably tells me

Big John: probably probably the smartest professional wrestler too. Oh 

Corey Forrester: yeah. He’s a bright guy. I don’t know if, I don’t know if you heard, but he’s likes me so that dude’s very smart. 

Big John: He’s pretty 

Chuck: smart. You mentioned having a sting story. So I want to give you the opportunity to tell that one before we, uh, we, we move on.

Corey Forrester: So I’m in Vegas at star cast and me and my buddy Casio kid are hanging out Casio kid, AKA the million titer Mayan. Uh, 

Chuck: what a 

Corey Forrester: name? Oh yeah. We were hanging out and you know, we’d been like hanging out with wrestlers all day. I think I’d been with staying Hanson earlier. And then I was like about to go hang out with Jimmy horror for a while.

So it was like a really awesome, great day. We’re all in the video. And then by the way, and I tell you, the nicest guy, you will ever meet treats his fans. When he, I was actually working his meet and greet. I wanted to hang out with him for eight hours and the only way to do that is to just, I helped him take pictures for his meet and greet.

Dude, when he showed up, I’m like, Hey, I’m Corey, I’m going to be helping you out and he’s like, cool. Jimmy Howard, 

Big John: very nice to meet you. Ma’am uh, let me go ahead and tell you something right now. I know that you’re a good guy and you’re probably going to offer to get me a water. Jimmy Hart don’t want a water 

Corey Forrester: because Jimmy Hart is going to sit here and sign autographs.

And I ain’t going to go to the bathroom. So I don’t have no water. He don’t have any water. He don’t want anybody to have to stand there. And white dude, he entertained people the whole time. He told stories like people would, people would be like Jimmy Hart on my God. I saw you with my dad at that sport, a Storium and ADA.

Remember the show and he would be like, he was just the nicest guy point is so we’re in the green room later that day, man million tighter men, Casio kid, Mike Mitchell, we’re sitting there. Where I think we’re just like, we’re eating some crackers and cheese or something like that, you know, like stealing from Conrad’s free buffet and, and all of a sudden staying walks in, in full staying black and white makeup.

Cassius was like, I was like, Holy shit, he’s got the dude. He’s got the bat. Uh, he’s got the coat on, like it’s a duster. Yeah. Yeah. It’s staying. So anyways, staying, uh, Oh, somebody, Oh, this is another funny story that Shabani cracked me up. I was walking in the hall, meantime, Shivani were walking down the hall and this dude had a bat and uh, he’s like a Shivani and he’s like, what’s up, man?

He goes, I’m going to have staying I’m this bat. And he goes, yeah, why don’t you crack him in the head with it and watch him no, sell that shit. So then we get in there and there, yeah. Any, and he goes, and he sits down in Conrad. He goes over and he’s talking to him and he’s just like, Hey man, I just want to let you know that we’re really appreciative that you came to star cast.

This is awesome. And it instincts a super nice car. It’s like, yeah, thanks man. Thanks man. And he’s sitting there and he’s, he’s made a plate of like crackers and cheese, you know, and he’s just sitting there and he’s staying, he’s got really great posture. Like he’s literally about to come out the rafters on somebody.

Conrad comes back up and he said, do you need anything else? He goes, instinct, just like, no, I’m fine and he goes, okay. He goes anyways, it’s just great that you’re here. And he goes, yeah, it’s a wonderful event to be to. I get to see, I get to see some of my friends, you know, the ones that are still left.

And he says that in a chill and chill came over all of us as he did that. You know how, like in a movie, when someone said that they would take a puff of a cigarette. At that time, he picked up a Cuba cheese and was like eating it, but like the way he was having to ate it, he knew that he couldn’t get his lipstick messed up.

So he was just like, and then he just took a bite of it. And we’re just sitting out with cold chills, but like having to like hold in our laughter because he was like, fucking staying, just stay 

Big John: that shit.

Corey Forrester: It was fucking awesome. I love going to those events and hanging out with those old wrestlers man. They’re they’re the best, the best in the world. 

Chuck: That’s incredible. I love it. My, uh, my stink story is not anywhere near as good. Um, I will tell them, 

Big John: I don’t know. 

Chuck: Well, no, this is the beauty of editing this cause I can cut this out and put it first.

So that’s really, uh, it’s, it’s really not that it’s probably not even that funny in hindsight, but this is like, he he’s. At least for me. I remember his peak time, I guess, being it wasn’t like early, late nineties, maybe that’s when he was super popular. 

Corey Forrester: It doesn’t, it depends on which thing you’re talking about.

Surface thing was early nineties who identify loved as a kid cause he was brought neon. But if you’re talking about the sting white and black face paint CRO staying with the bat, that’s going to be your 97 98 WCW during the 83 weeks when the moaning Wars were going on and the NWI I love the Monday night Wars.


Chuck: ma’am. Yes, that was it. So my Brendan the time is, but I think it was in fourth grade or third or 

Corey Forrester: fourth high school together. Yeah. Yeah, we did.

Chuck: Yeah. It’s called 

Big John: college roommates 

Corey Forrester: too. Damn. 

Chuck: Um, so, uh, it, it was like third or fourth grade and this kid was like obsessed with staying. And so we had like this Halloween party at school and most of us, half-assed it. Like, I don’t know. I think I may be like came in looking vaguely, like Woody from toy story.

I don’t know, but this kid comes in and he’s got his mom clearly spent hours on like the makeup face, everything huge oversize duster, like was complete anomaly in the class. And I respect that. But what was funny is he couldn’t decide who he wanted to be because he also really liked Carl Malone.

So he had all this sun, but underneath the duster, he had a Utah jazz Jersey. So he ended up looking like a conjugal, 

Corey Forrester: Ew, undersold that, well, that’s so much better than mine. That’s fucking hilarious. Juggalos 

Chuck: juggle hosting. That’s honestly, that could be his next iteration. 

Corey Forrester: How about we were in a, we were somewhere in Michigan, right before the pandemic.

And it was like fucking rundown club. I’m like we were having to like, sincerely worry about stepping on like heroin needles when we were walking down the aisle to get to the stage or whatever, and me and try her loss. And we were in a freight elevator and we just saw like, I mean, like a, like four to five pallets of Faygo,

Faygo, uh, like a big thing in Michigan. And I was just Joe. Now I finally see the guy that’s running the place I go, Hey man, y’all having a goddamn, uh, w was the insane clown posse here this weekend. I go no and insane clown posse covered by him. 

Chuck: Imagine 

Corey Forrester: that fucking show. 

Chuck: Oh, Jesus. That’ll be a shit show for sure.

Big John: But I want to 

Chuck: go 100%, John, you 

Corey Forrester: got us off the rails. That’s my fault. 

Big John: I mean, shit. This is the show. 

Chuck: Okay, good. Has been my favorite conversation so far, um, current projects Johnny 

Big John: mentioned that you wanted to, I wanted to, so obviously we’re in, we’re still in pandemic mode. So, uh, w what, we’re starting to come out of it.

Do you have, uh, I’ve, I’ve actually just did a show yesterday with, I think, three other comedians. Um, and they were saying that they, they just started booking dates and stuff that you all started. Yeah, we haven’t started 

Corey Forrester: booking dates. We’re looking to the fall. It’s just, it’s a little trickier with three days.

Like if, if all of us towards separately, I think all of us would have already started doing some half capacity shows. Cause it would’ve been fine, but when there’s three dudes, you’re already splitting it up anyways, you start going well, by the time we get there, I’m making and let’s just stay home. Cause luckily we we’ve got, I’ve had a bunch of, uh, writing work that has kind of held me over weirdly enough.

Sometimes people want me to write stuff for them or, or better yet. Uh, just edit things like, Hey, what would be funnier about this? And then they’ll give me plenty and I’ll come back to them. Uh, it’s called a punch up artist, which is awesome. And uh, but we do, we are start a lot of the stuff that like kind of, we were in production with before COVID is now starting to restart.

And I, unfortunately they’re all such in their infancy that I can’t really speak that much on them, but I will tell you, I can say legally. We’re working on a sitcom, working on a cartoon, working on a travel top show. Uh, I have a, uh, and also working on another pilot deal again. It’s so stupid to even say what I just said, because they’re also such in their infancy, but a lot of stuff going on, just none of it even close to done, but a lot of irons in the fire, um, you know, I’ve got through the screen door podcast, which is, unfortunately, my co-host Matt Cohn is, uh, he had COVID then he had a tumor removed and it’s been a whole thing that we’re still doing.

It it’s been a whole thing, but we and I, and another project that literally just popped up on mine, but I’m not, I’m not, I can’t say much about it, but I will tell you that it’s a, it’s a. It’s a British theme show that I’m working on that I’m pretty excited about. Um, but I’m just ready to get back out there.

My options are still kinda open. Um, you know, I’ve got enough going on. Uh, I’m just really, I’m really excited to see what it’s like for me when I go out. Cause I’m I’m I re I, oddly enough, raise my profile during COVID, which is weird. I didn’t think that that was going to be possible. And so I’m, um, I’m really excited to go out and do stand up for new people.

Cause I haven’t done stand up for like new people in a long time. Cause like our shows have all sold out or done really well in the past five years, but it’s been like recurring well-read fans, you know like fans that we’ve accumulated over five years that like every now and then it’s like you, of course there’s some new people coming through, but like wait dude, our fans are so awesome that like, dude, we’ve seen people that are like, this is our 15th time seeing you.

And we’re like, are you fucking insane? Wow. You know, I definitely know that only three times was it different? Cause that’s how close you are. 

Big John: And they were like, we fucking love it. You’re always drunk. It is different. 

Corey Forrester: So I’m excited now too. This is another self-serving statement that I’m about to say like I’ve gained a lot of fans in the past year and a half and in my opinion, stand up as the thing I’m the best at.

So I’m, I’m very excited and also a little nervous to show them my thing that they didn’t know that I could do, you know, 

Big John: Yeah, I don’t think you’re going to have that many issues selling anything out one, because you have gained so many followers and two that I’ve from what I’ve hear, uh, what I’m hearing about like other comics and stuff.

As soon as they book shows, they’re just like selling out everybody’s whereas people who are ready, there’s one thing that, um, uh, I w I do want to hit on that. I don’t know. I guess it’s now a past project, but you worked with one of our former guests on the show, which is old gods. 

Corey Forrester: Oh yeah. It’s, you know, it’s not a form.

I mean, I was in my first episode of this season, but I still have a three episode arc, so, all right, well look, next week, actually, I will be doing some more scenes with Yuri Lowenthal who you’re low and thought was one of the most prolific voice actors in the dadgum world. I mean, he was the base of the voice of Spider-Man on PlayStation and has been forever.

Um, so no, I, I, I’m not, you know, I can’t tell you what happens, cause I don’t want to give the story away, but dude, that was like, I was so pumped. Um, I’ve been listening to podcasts for a while and I think it’s tremendous. I think it’s just good. It’s really, really good. And I’ll just straight up tell you, I just reached out.

I just said, I just tweeted at him. I was like, fucking love the show. And then I realized that they were following me and I was like, Oh, hold 

Big John: on. Okay. 

Chuck: And 

Corey Forrester: I was just like, dude, listen, you know, if I ever, if I ever you’ve got room. And, uh, they were just like, we’ll fucking rot. You have character right now.

It’s been great. I’m really excited about that because, uh, I, I don’t know, man, like that, that was such an honor for me to be able to work on that and I feel like I did a pretty decent job, but yeah, that was, uh, that was fun, man. I, I really think that that’s awesome. Yeah. That, um, that shows like, like, you know, if you have a really great television show, they have an Emmy and I know they have like podcast awards, but I don’t think I don’t, I don’t know the one that’s considered the most prestigious or whatever, but like they’re doing, in my opinion, they’re doing IGA level work 100% in the podcast world.

And I think that podcasts are still such a new medium that we don’t respect them in that way. But I feel like one day that’s going to be a really cool thing for me to tell my kids that I did was I was on old gods of Appalachia and, and fuck my kids. It was cool to me. I don’t care what, 

Chuck: yeah, absolutely.

Well, and it’s, it’s interesting cause podcasts, I mean, you can pull together a microphone and, and publish something. But what they do is, I mean, the production quality of the writing is incredible and just everything they put into it is really, really good. 

Corey Forrester: Yeah. It’s tremendous. And I really hope that, and I know we will.

I know. We’ll see, we’ll see bigger and better things from that 

Chuck: crew for sure. Well, Corey we’ll, um, we won’t keep you any longer. I, again, really appreciate you coming on. It’s, uh, a real fun time talking with you and really excited about all the stuff you do in the future. It sounds like you’ve got a lot of really cool stuff planned, so we’re excited to see all of it.

I hope 

Corey Forrester: it works out and I appreciate you guys having me and I’ll come back anytime, 

Chuck: man. I had fun,

big John. That was our interview. Corey, Ryan Forrester, your thoughts? 

Big John: I say this all the time. I’m going to continue saying, you know what? If you get annoyed, I don’t care. I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to whoever’s listening and maybe it’s getting annoyed. That was a big guy. 

Chuck: I do care though. So just just know that 50% of this podcast does 

Big John: care.

Okay. That was a big gig. Get he’s look, we’ll be honest with you. Corey is Corey and, uh, you know, the well-read gods, that’s part of the reasons why we felt comfortable making this podcast because you know, those, those guys showed that, you know, that people will, uh, you know, listen to stuff even if, well, for them, they’re really funny.

So I get that. I’ve got the talents. Yeah. So we had to find another way around. 

Chuck: We had to fake our talents. 

Big John: Yeah. So like, you know, uh, but, but to get Corey honestly is, is pretty awesome. We, I know that when we first like created this podcast and we made a list of people, he was on that list and it’s pretty cool to, to continue to kind of check people off on, on who we wanted at the very beginning and, and now getting them.

So I’m sure that he’ll be, uh, I hope that he’ll be a reoccurring gas. Cause I think that that was one of our best discussions. 

Chuck: Yeah. It was a lot of fun and he’s always just got, he’s just really funny too. Um, he’s got a great, uh, uh, podcast, which I think we referenced in there, um, through the screen door and the well-read podcast as well, checked him out and um, yeah, I, and hopefully we’ll get to have him back on some time.

Beef with Big John: Legalize Weed in Appalachia

He’s a, he’s a good time. And, uh, and, and I felt like we really learned a lot. It was good, good discussion. But speaking of good discussions, we always like to end our show with a good discussion and a, we call it a little bit of a beef with big John. And, uh, it’s where big John has a beef and a, some might call it a beef.

Some others call it, you know, a disagreement, a discussion, a topic at hand that he takes issue with big John, take it away. What is a journal? And we are pleased to present to you the fruiting mouth of the South, coming to you, live from a foreclose under row sub back to back buffet, world champion, or before.

Big John: all right. I’m not going to lie to you. Chuck I, to, to myself, I had a different beef, literally two minutes ago. Okay. Okay. This is, so this is coming off the noggin. Oh, this is coming right off the now. Wow. And 

Chuck: the reason being, this is really it. This is where you really see the meat, the sausage get made folks.

I’m about to show you a Hollywood insider tip there. 

Big John: Yeah. Just not the Harvey Weinstein. 

Chuck: Nope. Nope. Not that, not that tip. Yeah. Yeah. 

Big John: Not 

Chuck: that was a peanut joke for those listening. Yeah. You can cut that, that whole thing

Big John: anyway. Uh, the reason I’m changing it up here is because I realized Chuck that when this comes out, it’s four 20. 

Chuck: Whoa.

Big John: Yeah. So hopefully, uh, if you do celebrate, you sell blurry. I don’t know. Do people say responsibly? Like I know when people do it, like, uh, with alcohol, they say like, I hope you do it responsibly. Like, do they do that with weed? 

Chuck: I don’t know they say it, but I mean, You should like don’t drive when you like your highest shit that’s bad.

And you know, don’t take too many edibles like I’ve done before. 

Big John: Yeah. Anyway, uh, when it comes down to it, four 20 is a day for all of us to remember that Appalachia sits in the background. When it comes to weed, we continue to let everybody pass us by state, after state, continue to pass it while we literally have some of the best soil for weed in the entire country.

That’s why there are millions and millions of plants sitting right here in our region being illegally harvested, unfortunately. But if we were to able to legalize it we’d make a ton of money. And it just blows my mind because we continue to have legislatures who are on the conservative side saying that they’re, you know, they’re all about finding ways to make new revenue, finding ways to create jobs, finding ways to have more money in our budget.

This is it. Pass this today. Yeah. 

Chuck: Money tomorrow. I will say, let me, uh, let me go ahead and defend my newly adopted state real quick, the great Commonwealth, excuse me, of Virginia, that, uh, the did legalize weed, um, not too long ago and will become effective July 1st, but you are correct. Most of Appalachia I would say is still in the dark ages.

Big John: Yeah. I mean, it’s one of those things that the region continues to know what’s going on. We have plenty of advocates for it that are telling legislators every single day, what the benefits are not only medically and just, you know, for the, you know, the person themselves, but also the financial stipulations behind it are something that we should be.

We should just be rolling in the cash with this, but we would rather focus on trying to create things that aren’t going to be recreated. Like coal, coal is not coming back. It’s just the way it is, but you know what could replace it? We’d that would be great. You’d create jobs. You could have more money.

You could stop relying on an industry that has not only been dead for years, but continues to steal resources from this region without giving anything back. That’s the entire coal industry. And that’s what it’s been the miners, great people, great workers, but they’re not the problem. The problem is obviously I call it big coal.

That’s the problem, big coal and what we need to fix that big weed, but not too big because we don’t want corporations in it. Cause the 

Chuck: confidence with which you said like, you know what, I call it big coal. Like it’s not been a thing before. 

Big John: Yeah. I created it. I, this is my term 

Chuck: big. 

Big John: Yeah. Big weed, but not too big.

We don’t want marble in 

Chuck: it. No. Oh no, no, no. Phillip Morris bullshit. I know they’re trying to switch it now and now we want it local, but we want it widespread. Right. 

Big John: I want my, I want it to be like craft beer, right? Like where you can go, you can go to the brewery of your choice, the great brewery, the local guy that, you know, given you the great stuff.

I that’s what I want it to be like. And I, and it could be, especially in Appalachia, we have all the resources to do it. We could start tomorrow. I mean, cash would start rolling in. It’s not even that difficult. This is literally an entire industry where you don’t need advertising because everybody people want it already.

They don’t need to be told you don’t need word of mouth. Cause it’s already, they are people. Here’s a secret. 

Chuck: People are smoking weed right now in Appalachia. Yeah. So it’s already happening. So you might as well just legalize it and make some money. Wow. Yeah. Some more weed smoke weed every day. 

Big John: I think the funny part is I advocate for, for legalizing weed and I don’t, I don’t even use it.

I just want people to use it. 

Chuck: He just wants everybody to just have a good time. Kick back, smoke a J yeah, it look, here’s the thing. You’re right. It’s we literally said this. I think it was, was it episode three? Maybe 

Big John: there’s I don’t know, but don’t go listen. Cause we didn’t have any, we didn’t have good microphones.

We didn’t have anything. Listen to it, but just don’t listen. 

Chuck: Or one of, one of your quotes from that. That episode that we did the, whatever, the first one we did wheat on was, but it was literally money on the table. And that’s what it is. It’s it’s Jesus. It’s like, I mean, I don’t know how many times we can talk about this and, and get appointed.

Big John: Well, I just want to do it because 

Chuck: I want to keep doing it. I’m just saying like, you know, I feel like a broken record sometimes with what I say, but I think we do, because we’ve got to keep talking about it because if we don’t, people are going to forget. And here’s the thing. I think that people, if you’re listening to this should be pressuring your lawmaker, make them give you an answer for why they don’t support this and, and let us know seriously, like let us know what is their answer?

You know, is it some like Jesus, yada yada thing? Is it, uh, my, my assumption is that they’re, they’re getting a lot of pressure from the police unions. Um, the one in union funding format, police unions, the one union, I really don’t support, um, that in like the border bullshit. But, um, but they’re probably getting a lot of pressure from the police.

Yeah. So look, I don’t, I mean, I think it tells you all, you need to know like police in big pharma or against something. Hm. Well, that should tell you everything you need to know about which side needs to be on that.

Big John: The way I always think of this for Appalachia is pretend there’s a swimming pool full of money. That’s 10 feet deep, right? You’ll never hit the bottom. You’re safe as soon as soon as you jump in, you’re safe. But next to it is an entire thing of just lava and you die immediately. Appalachia continues to jump in that while the cash is sitting right here.

Chuck: Yeah. That’s what they do. And for those of you, maybe who, who may not understand like the, um, I guess the physics of that you would die a very painful death.

Big John: Yeah. And there’s a chance, there’s a chance you don’t get hurt. You jump in love and there’s no chance. Yeah, 


Yep. Yeah. Yeah. I mean he was Scrooge McDuck, you know, he jumped into a thing full of gold coins anyway, 

Big John: gold coins. He walked away every time. So I’m going to go back to what I was saying. Look, you can jump in this cash or you could jump in this lava. We got to stop jumping in lava. We got to start jumping into cash.

Chuck: Yup. Yup. They say gas, grass or ass. Nobody rides for free. 

Big John: I’m pretty sure that I’m I am now a modern day philosophizer and I am going to continue to be on this podcast would be big, John and I need to do a quick shout out. Hey, uh, if you’re listening to this, go listen, I’m going to plug another podcast, which I don’t normally do, but these guys are not like us.

And they’re really funny and they should get more listeners fourth and 10 go listen to them. I did a guest segment on there. We talked about buffets. I didn’t want to forget. 

Chuck: I didn’t realize you’re going to end on. We talked about buffets. 

Big John: We did. We talked about buffets. They made me create a top 10 list.

Well, there you go. Modern-day philosophy with big John is what the name of the segment it’s going to be from now on. Thank you for philosophizing with us. Thank you for listening. Again. Check out the Patrion. Um, check out us on social media, check out our website. It’s pretty cool. Um, I usually post the transcripts of episodes every week or most every week.

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