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Recently  we launched our Patreon but honestly didn’t feel right promoting  because of everything going on. But, we want to use our platform to  help. For the next month, we are going to donate ALL Patreon funds to  Second Harvest Food Bank. Every dollar given to Second Harvest feeds 3  people and during a time like this they could use all the help they can  get. Our goal is and always will be to help the region. We think this is  a good start. If you’re interested the link is in the bio. We’ll keep  you up to date on this and share updates. Stay safe friends.

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Coming back to Appalachia

This week, we discuss what would get people to come back to Appalachia. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR SHOW Chuck [00:00:14] All right. Welcome back to Appodlachia, ladies, and gentlemen, gender non-binary folks worldwide and here in Appalachia, ex-pats, natives, and just folks...

medical weed and paid leave

Subscribe to our show Chuck Corra: Welcome back to Appodlachia, my name's Chuck Corra. I'm here with Big John Isner. John, it's morning in America again. The bipartisan infrastructure package was passed. Joe Biden demonstrated...


Chuck: So on today's show, we're going to be talking about the strikes happening across the country and in Appalachia is part of well, what was once strike Tober, right? And now is strikes. I don't know if we're going to keep with these monikers, but let's roll with...